3D Grid Effect

In Playground by Mary Lou 25 Comments

A proof-of-concept effect recreation of the animation seen in a prototype app by Marcus Eckert. The idea is to flip a grid item in 3D, expand it to fullscreen and reveal some associated content. We've created two demos with a vertical and a horizontal rotation. read more

Simple Stack Effects

In Playground by Mary Lou 23 Comments

A set of simple stack effects for inspiration. The main idea is to have one item shown initially and then, on some trigger, more items are revealed as decoration. As seen in image grids or on scroll websites as creative effect. read more

Scattered Polaroids Gallery

In Playground by Mary Lou 37 Comments

A flat-style Polaroid gallery where the items are scattered randomly in a container. When a specific item is selected, it will move to the middle while the other Polaroids will make space for it by moving to the sides. Optionally, an item can have a backface which will be shown by flipping the Polaroid when clicking on the current navigation dot again. read more

Dot Navigation Styles

In Playground by Mary Lou 29 Comments

Today we'd like to share some subtle effects and styles for simple dot navigation with you. These styles could, for example, be used for a page scroll navigation or a thumbnail preview, in a vertical or horizontal fashion. read more

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